Hiking for Njokuti

Hiking for Njokuti

We, Jeanet van Zanten (nurse in Beatrix Hospital, Gorinchem) and Annet Versteeg (nurse in general practice, Zaltbommel) are training for the 4 day hiking (Wandelvierdaagse) in Nijmegen from 17 until 20 July 2007.

During this training and during the final four days, we would like to be active for supporting Njokuti Foundation.

In Tanzania there are many children with severe deformities of their legs, which make for them running and playing difficult or even impossible.

Because of our work as nurses we are excited to help Njokuti Foundation, supporting hospitals and rehabilitation centres where disabled children can be helped.


Several times each year a number of surgeons travel to Tanzania (at their own expense) for operating a good number of children with orthopedic or other disabilities.

The result, f.i. straight legs, is impressive and makes these kids to be really child again, being able to play and run and, most important, simply walking again.

For us, walking is no problem, but during our intense training for the four days we come to realize that this is not the same for everyone. That`s why we want to get sponsors for enabling many children to be operated or get other support.

Dear friends, your contribution encourages us to reach the finish line. Please make it possible and support us with your donation.

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