Arctic Pharma Challenge

Arctic Pharma Challenge

During the Arctic Challenge 2009 the team of Arctic Pharma collected the formidable amount of € 3,000.00 for the Njokuti Foundation. This amount was today symbolically offered to orthopedic surgeon Harry de Vries of Beatrix Hospital in Gorinchem.

The Arctic Challenge is a racing event for everybody who is interested in driving, snow and cold. It’s not about speed, but agility, good navigation and anticipation. The Arctic Challenge Tour is a challenge for a team of two people crossing the whole of Scandinavia where  extreme conditions are encountered. Though speed may not be an important issue, distances of the stages are at times so long, that driving continues day and night. Without perseverance it is impossible to succeed and overcome the snow, the very slippery roads and the temperatures far below zero (to 40 degrees is possible). It may be clear that under these circumstances, the car needs a good preparation. In Team Arctic Pharma 2009 participated Theo Hoogendoorn and William Kennedy, both from Papendrecht

From left to right: Harry de Vries (Njokuti), Theo Hoogendoorn, William Kennedy (both from Arctic Pharma).

This amount was raised by all sponsors of the Arctic Pharma team 2009.


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