Each year primary school The Rainbow in Assendelft (North of Holland) organizes a day of action for a specific goal. This year the school chose to support the Foundation of Njokuti!

For the very first time they organised a sponsorrun. All children looked for sponsors amongst their family, friends and acquaintances to support them financially. Rona Snoek from the Foundation of Njokuti visited the school in order to inform the children about the work of Njokuti.

 She’d lived several years in Tanzania and had been involved in the rehabilitation centre Huduma ya Walemavu, one of the places supported by Njokuti. By Rona’s stories it became clear to the children of the Rainbow School what it means if you can’t walk in Tanzania and what the Dutch doctors can do for children with a disability.
On the 23rd of March 2012 ten classes of children were running into sweat in order to support the children of Njokuti, encouraged by their parents and teachers! Everybody made a great effort and the sponsor run became a great success. Never ever they raised so much money during their day of action!

During the Easter celebrations the money was handed over to Rona: not less than an amount of5520 Euro!

Rona Snoek pleasently surprised by the great success of the sponsor run.

Suprised and happy she thanked the children of the Rainbow School with the Kiswahili words “Asante sana!” what in Tanzania means ‘thank you so much’!. “It is heartwarming to see that Dutch school children care for the faith of children with a disability in a country far from here. Thanks to your effort there is hope again for these children in Tanzania”.

And at the very same moment that the children in Assendelft handed over the money to Rona, the doctors of Njokuti were operating children with a disability in Tanzania.

Dutch doctors doing surgery for Njokuti, in Tanzania.

Thanks to the team and the children of the Rainbow School hundreds of children with a disability can count on help, now and in the future!

In the name of all these children: Asante sana, children of the Rainbow School!


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