Support our clubfoot fund

Support our clubfoot fund


This mother is happy with her banknote worth 50.000 Uganda Shilling (12 Euro). With this she will be able to travel six times from het home to the plaster room of the st.Joseph Hospital in Uganda. Her son was born with a clubfoot. Luckily this mother knew that the surgeons of the Njokuti Foundation were coming and that she wouldn’t have to wait so long. The Njokuti surgeons concluded that an operation was not needed. When the children are very young the club foot can still be corrected with plaster casts. This treatment avoids an operation and a scar! But to make this treatment a success it is very important that the parents return every fortnight to the plaster room. Each time the foot can be further corrected until the position is satisfactory. The child then receives a splint and sturdy shoes to avoid the foot returning to the original position. It is of course wonderful that this is possible. But the parents do need sufficient money to travel each time. Many families live far from the hospital. For some the travel expenditures are too high and therefore they cannot continue with the treatment. And when the treatment stops the foot will eventually return into the original position and causing a lifelong limitation. A life in which walking will always be difficult and painful. Where Njokuti operates we try to support these parents with our club foot fund. In st.Joseph Hospital the clinical officer Michael is our confidential adviser and manages a small sum of money for these travel expenses. After consulting the parents he decides how much money they will need for treatment and travel allowances. He knows the prices of the bus tickets and performs the plaster corrections as well. This way he has a good overview of the course of the treatment and the living conditions of the family.

We hope that with our fund we can give children with clubfeet a good chance to be able to walk normally to school together with their friends. Will you also continue to support our fund?

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