Meeting in the evening sun

Meeting in the evening sun

A few times a year the board of the Njokuti Foundation comes together to evaluate the various visits to East Africa and to discuss new plans. On May 31st of 2018 we were fortunate to be able to hold this meeting in a beautiful evening sun, together with our orthopedic and plastic surgeons.


In 2018 we hope to add to our working area a new hospital in Uganda. In the second half of the year first a team will visit Arusha (Tanzania) to operate in Selian Hospital. Later in the year a second team will visit Kitgum in the North of Uganda as well as for the first time Kolongo Hospital, a one and a half hours drive from Kitgum. This hospital has 270 beds and really looks forward to Njokuti coming to support them. With their new operation theatre it should be possible to do this in a responsible way.

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