The Njokuti Foundation is named after the first operated child. The main purpose of The Njokuti Foundation so far is helping children with congenital or acquired disorders such as clubfeet, rickets or skeletal fluorosis. A team of Dutch orthopaedic and plastic surgeons performs surgery. Sometimes other professionals such as POP specialists, orthopaedic technicians or suppliers of orthopaedic prostheses etc, accompany the surgeons on their visits.

The surgeons visit Tanzania and/or Uganda three times a year (mainly at their own cost) where they operate dozens of children to get rid of their handicap. The result of the operation of the effects of rickets or skeletal fluorosis – straight legs! – is impressive. But also to children with neglected clubfeet surgeries are performed, making them stand straight on their feet again.


Selian Hospital in Arusha is an important partner for the work of the Njokuti Foundation.But also the Monduli Rehabilitation Centre plays an important role. Before and after surgery the children are admitted to this centre. If necessary, The Njokuti Foundation supports this financially.

The Monduli Rehabilitation Centre was founded in 1991 and has an outreach programme to locate children with physical disabilities in remote areas of Maasailand in Northern Tanzania. Children are prepared for surgery, and during some months they get an extensive rehabilitation programme. They are also assisted with educational and social support in order to help them to live as independently as possible with or despite their disabiliy. The Njokuti Foundation supports the Centre financially as well by providing funds for crutches, braces and prostheses.


The Foundation is committed to various rehabilitation centres, hospitals or projects dealing with rehabilitation in Northern Tanzania and Northern Uganda such as Sumve Hospital in Tanzania or St Joseph in Kitgum – Uganda.

The foundation whises to find out why only some children develop skeletal fluorosis. And also we hope to find the means to prevent handicaps like clubfeet, rickets and skeletal fluorosis in these countries. the Njokuti Foundation wants to do all it can to give children in Tanzania and Uganda a better future.