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Tinie Engelen-Luttikhuizen wrote us the following: “A few years ago I heard through Dr. Harry de Vries about your Foundation. By now I have been operated a number of by him and Dr. Ron Onstenk. Having orthopedic problems myself, I have warm feelings for the goals of your Foundation. Last year I intended to participate at the Four Day Evening Walk of Venendaal but my seventh ankle operation prevented me in doing so”. However this year Tinie was able to participate successfully with her friend Kina. Afterwards they both received the well deserved flowers. And for Njokuti they both collected more than 1000 Euro sponsorship money! Congratulations with your sporting performance and many many thanks for your donation.

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Newsletter 2018


For the eight time we, Peer Poelman and Ron Onstenk , both orthopedic surgeons, visited Sumve Hospital, one hours drive from Mwanza in North Tanzania. Dirk and Tineke, the Dutch volunteers that spent a number of years in Sumve and did a lot of good work, recently retired to the Netherlands. On the brink of their departure they left us with a new operation complex. Although not completely ready and fewer patients there were sufficient children we could operate upon and who will, after their rehabilitation, walk again. Continue reading

Meeting in the evening sun

A few times a year the board of the Njokuti Foundation comes together to evaluate the various visits to East Africa and to discuss new plans. On May 31st of 2018 we were fortunate to be able to hold this meeting in a beautiful evening sun, together with our orthopedic and plastic surgeons.


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Working visit, april 2018

In April 2018 Harry de Vries visited st.Joseph’s Hospital in Kitgum in Northern Uganda (Harry is a founding member of the Njokuti Foundation and since the beginning he has worked as an Orthopedic Surgeon in Tanzania and Uganda).  Due to unforeseen family circumstances our Plastic Surgeon, Jan-Willem Kortleve, had to cancel his participation at the very last moment. The combination of plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery has been very beneficial for many of our patients but unfortunately not this time. Continue reading

Working visit to Tanzania, nov 2017

Once again the District Hospital Sumve, one hours’ drive from Mwanza, was planned for a visit by two Orthopedic Surgeons. Sumve was chosen because of the new developments there. Dirk and Tineke, the Dutch volunteers who through hard work achieved a lot during their years there, had returned to Holland. They left the Hospital in the knowledge that the new theatre complex would soon be operational. After the usual discussions with the customs officials about the medical equipment that we carried along, we rapidly drove to Sumve on the newly laid road. Now for the eighth time and it felt very familiar. The number of patients was fewer than usual and the pre-selection was less well done. In the past this was arranged by Dirk and Tineke. And for unclear reasons the theatre was not yet ready for use. Nevertheless we were able to help enough patients, mostly children, who, after their rehabilitation, will walk again. Continue reading

Support our clubfoot fund


This mother is happy with her banknote worth 50.000 Uganda Shilling (12 Euro). With this she will be able to travel six times from het home to the plaster room of the st.Joseph Hospital in Uganda. Continue reading

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