Werkbezoek Kitgum

Afgelopen februari 2017 bezochten Rick Scholtens, plastisch chirurg voor Njokuti en Harry de Vries, orthopedisch chirurg, het St. Joseph Hospitaal in Kitgum, Noord Oeganda.

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Werkbezoek Sumvé en Arusha

Zondag 13 november 2016 vliegen twee orthopeden van Njokuti, Frank Wijffels en Anton Burgers, met de nachtvlucht naar Nairobi (Kenia) om vervolgens via Arusha (Tanzania) door te vliegen naar de stad Mwanza. Ze gaan op werkbezoek voor Stichting Njokuti en er wachten veel ouders met hun kinderen op hun advies en hulp.

Het tweede deel van hun werkbezoek vindt plaats in Arusha, waar ze twee ziekenhuizen bezoeken, waar Njokuti al meer dan 10 jaar actief is. De vraag is of onze hulp er nog steeds nodig is of dat men inmiddels zoveel kennis en ervaring heeft opgedaan dat ons einddoel daar is behaald. Continue reading

Working visit Sumvé and Arusha

Due to the upcoming departure of the volunteers Dirk and Tineke from Sumve, in the Winter of 2015 we had already decided that a team of surgeons from Njokuti would visit Sumve in the Summer of 2016. For the last time we would be able to enjoy the fruitful cooperation with Dirk and Tineke and we could discuss arrangements with those who take over their work. Dirk and Tineke will leave after a period of 9 years in which they have put a lot of effort and energy into the improvement of the District Hospital, but also in several boreholes which are functioning properly in the Sumve area now.
In the clinic many patients were waiting for us. We saw children with leg abnormalities, bone infections and patients with old, not well-healed fractures. We were able to surgically treat more than 15 patients during the following days. This time we have still been working in the old theatre, but hopefully during our next visit we will be able to use the new theatre.

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Working visit Sumve

Due to unforeseen medical circumstances the itinerary of our trip to Sumve suddenly had to be altered. Frank Wijffels took the place of Peer Poelmann and the visit to Arusha was cancelled.

After the Sunday night flight via Nairobi to Mwanza the first patients were seen on Monday afternoon ( list 1).  As usual the OPD was busy and somewhat chaotic and with plenty of time taken for teaching. Eventually a theatre list for Tuesday and Wednesday was made ( list 2). This time a physiotherapist from Amsterdam joined in but there were no medical students from Nijmegen.

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Working visit Mwanza

Due to delay of our flight from Nairobi our arrival was unfortunately a bit  later at Mwanzay, but Dirk  was our representative  on behalf of the welcoming committee.

Patients were already waiting In Sumve. A total of more than 50 patients presented till eight pm. Some of them without obvious orthopedic problems, but the majority had an abnormality of the musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, we couldn’t offer treatment in a few patients because of the limited surgical options such as absence of fluoroscopy or specific instruments.

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Each year primary school The Rainbow in Assendelft (North of Holland) organizes a day of action for a specific goal. This year the school chose to support the Foundation of Njokuti!

For the very first time they organised a sponsorrun. All children looked for sponsors amongst their family, friends and acquaintances to support them financially. Rona Snoek from the Foundation of Njokuti visited the school in order to inform the children about the work of Njokuti.

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